Nurse Coffee Mug

Are You a Nurse Who Can't Stay at Home? Taking a Sip of Coffee From This Mug Will Remind You That You Should Feel Proud of Your Work.

✔ These days each day is like a night shift, long and tough. A bit of humor helps to survive it. If you drink a lot of coffee to stay awake for longer hours than usual. Drinking it from this mug will help to maintain morale.

✔ Be organized at your work, with printable and editable sheets that will help you in your day to day tasks. Since you get PDF as well as an editable Word Doc, you can tailor each sheet to your unique needs.

✔ We know your work is your vocation, but you can't forget about your family. Get them busy with "Stay at Home" printable binder, which will help to fill their time with useful and uplifting things to do.

✔ Printable "Home organizing binder" will help you and your family to stay up to date with often changing schedules. Don't lose control stay on top of what needs to be done and when.

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Premium "NIGHT SHIFT" Coffee Mug:

✔ This high quality ceramic white mug has a premium hard coat that provides crisp and vibrant color reproduction sure to last for years.

✔ Perfect for all hot & cold beverages.

✔ Dishwasher and Microwave Safe. High Gloss + Premium White Finish.

✔ Both sides printed, ORCA Coating.

Value: $14.99

10x Printable & Editable Nurse Sheets

✔ Brain Nursing Report Sheet

✔ 2PPS Report Sheet

✔ 3PPS Report Sheet

✔ 4PPS Report Sheet

✔ H&P Template

✔ Nursing Report Sheet Template

✔ Mini SBAR Report Sheet

✔ Fullsize SBAR Report Sheet

✔ ICU Nurse Report Sheet

✔ Brain Nursing Report Template

Value: $30.00

Home Binder Planner

Each page can be printed out separately and many times for all family members.

✔ Goal setting.

✔ Monthly charts.

✔ Week at glance.

✔ Planning my day.

✔ Password cheat sheet.

✔ My daily habits.

✔ Cleaning plan.

Value: $10.00

"Stay at Home" Printable Binder

✔ Bucket list.

✔ Daily shedule.

✔ Check in with people list.

✔ Acts of kindness calendar for your record.

✔ Chore chart.

✔ Reading/audiobook log.

✔ Websites to visit.

Value: $7.00

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