25 Ways To Wear Thigh High Boots This Fall

Here are some ideas for the fall outfit. The days are shorter, the temperature gets down, and oftentimes function gets prioritized over fashion. However, a cute pair of thigh-high boots can change all of that, making even the simplest of outfits look trendy!

Knit Sweater Dresses

If you’re not feeling tights with your sweater dress then don’t freight, because thigh-high boots can solve that. Nothing dresses up a sweater dress more than some cute thigh highs

This thigh high boots outfit is perfect for fall and winter!

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A Leather Skirt

Leather skirts are a cute touch to any outfit and can be worn in just about every season (with the exception of spring). By adding thigh-high boots this outfit instantly get’s upgraded to a winter look and is super trendy!

Black thigh high boots outfits are the best for winter!

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Comfortable Oversized Sweaters

The baggy boyfriend trend is in right now, and of course, super comfortable. So if you’re trying to stay warm while fighting that winter fashion block, give an oversized sweater a try! Pair it with some thigh high boots and you’ll be looking effortlessly fashionable.

An oversized sweater makes for the perfect thigh high boots outfit!

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A Warm Scarf, A Cute Belt, And Some Jeans

What’s nice about this look is that most of us already have this in our closets, and if not, it can easily be found at your local clothing store. If you want to give your outfit a little extra appeal, throw on those thigh high boots, tuck in that shirt, and wrap that scarf around your neck! These accessories can go a long way.

Pair a belt with your thigh high boots outfit this winter! Really cute.

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The Trench Coat

Although it’s true that model Hailey Baldwin can pull off just about anything, this look can can be worn on anyone. Pair thigh high boots with a statement jacket like this trench coat, and everyone will be complimenting your winter style.

A trench coat completes any thigh high boots outfit!

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A Cute Poncho

Poncho’s are a classic fashion staple, and look great paired with some thigh high boots!  This is a very easy look to achieve when you’re trying to dress up an outfit that you think is too simple!

Ponchos make the perfect compliment to a thigh high boots outfit!

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The Pea Coat

This coat will never go out of style and because of that, it looks good with everything. Including these cute black thigh high boots!

The classic pea coat completes an ordinary thigh high boots outfit

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Fishnets And Denim

If you want an edgy look try pairing some black thigh high boots with some fishnets. The boots will keep you warm while the fishnets give that pop of style. Throw on a denim vest to bring it all together!

Fishnets look great paired with a thigh high boots outfit like this one!

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Dressy Corduroy

If you need a more professional look, try pairing those thigh high boots with a cute corduroy dress! Top it off with a leather jacket and you will really be styling.

A corduroy look completes a thigh high boots outfit like this!

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Beanies, Vests, And Long Sleeve Tee’s

If you want to dress up a simple legging and t-shirt look, grab your favorite vest, beanie, and thigh high boots! All of these accessories will help create that perfect cozy winter style.

The perfect winter look for a thigh high boots outfit!

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White Jeans And Long Sweaters

Fitted long sweaters look great with thigh high boots! Contrast the boots with the pants by pairing a lighter jean with a darker boot, this will give you the perfect winter outfit!

White jeans look great with a black thigh high boots outfit!

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Matching Boots And Hats

As I’ve mentioned, a simple outfit only needs a few accessories to appear dressed up! Add a necklace similar to this, and color coordinate your boots with your hat for a completed look!

Match your hat for a completed thigh high boots outfit!

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A Flared Mini Skirt

Thanks to thigh high boots, even mini skirts can be worn in the winter months. Pair the boots with a cute skirt and sweater and you’ll have a fun day or night look!

A mini skirt makes this thigh high boots outfit!

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Sweaters And Shorts

If you live in a more mild climate that doesn’t get very cold but you still want to rock that winter look, try pairing your thigh high boots with shorts and a sweater! This look still goes with winter fashion, while allowing your legs to breathe a little!

Too hot? Rock shorts with a thigh high boots outfit!

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The Everyday Look

This look is perfect for school, shopping, or just grabbing lunch with your friends! Simply pair a basic sweater and jeans with thigh high boots and a scarf, and you’re ready to go!

The best casual thigh high boots outfit there is!

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The Button-Up Dress

Denim dresses seem to be super cute for fall, but hard to wear in the winter. However, the thigh high boot solves this problem! Pair your dress with some cute black boots to keep those legs covered and warm!

Kylie Jenner rocks a thigh high boots outfit!

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Pop Of Color

If your look is too simple, add some color with these purple thigh high boots! A great color for the chillier seasons, especially when matched with a cute hat!

A burgundy touch to a thigh high boots outfit!

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The Turtleneck Dress

Running out of dress ideas? The turtle neck dress is a comfortable and warm dress for the winter months, and always pairs well with some thigh high boots. Add a cute hat and jacket to complete the look!

A turtleneck dress brings together a thigh high boots outfit!

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A Simple Blazer

If you are looking for a more polished look to add to your thigh high boots and jeans outfit, try putting a blazer on top! Blazers add some sophistication, and can typically be color coordinated with your boots!

The blazer makes for a sophisticated thigh high boots outfit!

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Sweater Dresses

Oversized sweater dresses are an easy and cute way to accent thigh high boots. The sweater dress and boots keep the outfit simple and chic, making it an easy look to recreate!

This sweater dress looks awesome as a thigh high boots outfit

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Leather Jackets And Black Boots

So we touched upon leather skirts, therefor, leather jackets need a shout out.  A perfect compliment to some black thigh high boots, these two clothing items make a great team.

Leather jackets go great with any thigh high boots outfit!

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Baggy Sweatshirts

Yeezy may or may not have made this look popular, but regardless, it does do some justice for showing off those cute thigh high boots!

Baggy sweatshirts can complete a thigh high boots outfit like this one!

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Frills And Open Toed Thigh Highs

A long frilly shirt can double as a dress when worn with thigh high boots. Notice how the open toed look gives the outfit a more relaxed feel!

A frilly top makes for a great thigh high boots outfit!

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